Mexican Fiesta

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One of the things that people assume comes hand-in-hand with weight loss is boring, bland food. That absolutely does not have to be the case when you are trying to eat healthy! 

Mexican food is one of my very favorite types of cuisine and I was in the mood for a little spice tonight. So, the dish that I made for dinner was my Beef Fajita Peppers. There are many ways this recipe could be tweaked: you could easily use a different protein option or swap this recipe out with the Beef Fajita Bowl where you use Cauliflower Rice as a base for Phase 4 and Beyond. 

To round the meal out and keep up with the Mexican theme, I made a Mexican Grapefruit for dessert. I will say that I was extremely hesitant about the idea of putting cinnamon on grapefruit when I first discovered this recipe, but I recommend any of you doubters out there give it a shot because it is actually quite a delicious combo.  

Adiós until next time!

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