A New Favorite…Chai Spiced Apples!

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I was at The Nittany Lion Inn for a baby shower today and they always have a huge basket of complementary apples in the lobby, so I grabbed one on my way out the door. I love baked apples, but I was getting a little bored with the normal cinnamon or apple pie type of flavoring I usually go with. So, tonight I decided to get a little spicy and OH MY GOODNESS, I think I’ve created a slice of Chai spiced heaven!!! 

I added some Chinese 5 Spice, SweetLeaf vanilla cream stevia, and fresh ground black peppercorn to my apples as I sauteed them in a skillet. I made this an Oil-Free Recipes version by simply adding water to the skillet, but this would be even more delicious with a nice spoonful of coconut oil added to the mix. 

To me, this was the perfect mix of spicy and sweet and gave me the feel of sipping a nice Chai latte while eating a slice of hot apple pie. Next time, I’m thinking I’ll just need to make it a la mode with a cinnamon or vanilla version of Healthy Chocolate Ice Cream.

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