Planning Ahead

Planning Ahead
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One big thing that I learned from my experience as a Weight Loss Coach is that I just generally feel better when I eat healthier. It is something that most of you have probably either already realized or will come to realize as you make your way though your NutriMost journey. Food is fuel for the body just as gasoline is fuel for the car. So why wouldn’t I want to put the Premium version (think fruits, veggies, real food) in as much as possible as compared to the Regular unleaded (sugar-loaded, processsed, junkier) version???

I’ve come to be “that” person, who goes so far as to take my own food items along with me when I don’t know what foods will be available at events, friends houses, etc. I honestly don’t even care if people think it’s weird! I have all sorts of food items stashed in a purse or diaper bag for my son anyway, so I just add my own along with his now. Of course, I’m always willing to share if anyone wants a taste of what I am toting around! Putting together a just-in-case pack of food when you’re on the go can be really helpful and convenient.

Recently my mom, son, and I went to a bridal shower that was out of town. The food that they served at the shower was a very nice assortment of food, so I didn’t need to break out my pack there. But, thanks to my stash of: an apple, some cooked chicken breast, cherry tomatoes, individual sized cashew packs, freeze-dried strawberries and raspberries, a banana, and a KIND bar, we didn’t have to make any stops on the 3 hour ride home.

And do ya know how long it took me to grab some healthy food options and throw them in an insulated lunchbox that morning? (Less than 5 minutes) So, I can say that planning ahead definitely doesn’t have to be time consuming or hard to do. To me, there’s no reason why I should have to compromise on eating the foods that make me feel good….a little bit of pre-planning can go a long way!

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