Chicken “Fried Rice”

Chicken "Fried Rice"

Table of Contents

Calories Per Serving: 523

Servings: 5


25 oz. grilled chicken
“Riced” medium head of cauliflower
5 T ghee 
1 onion minced
1 bell pepper minced
1 large portabella mushroom minced 
5 eggs
Bragg’s liquid aminos
pink salt


  1. Melt 3 T ghee in hot skillet
  2. Brown “riced” cauliflower then remove from skillet
  3. Melt 1 T ghee in skillet
  4. Add minced veggies to skillet and cook through
  5. Place veggies with cauliflower
  6. Melt last T ghee in skillet
  7. Scramble eggs in skillet
  8. Return all ingredients to skillet, add pink salt and liquid aminos to taste

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