Homemade Paleo Fish Sticks

Homemade Paleo Fish Sticks

Table of Contents

Calories Per Serving: 245

Servings: 4


1 lb. cod
1/2 c. almond flour
1/4 c. flax meal
1 T. onion powder
1 T. garlic powder
1 T. minced onion flakes
1/4 tsp. pink salt
1 tsp. turmeric 
1/8 tsp. pepper
1/2 c. coconut oil, melted


  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees.
  2. Slice cod into strips about 1 inch thick.
  3. In large ziploc bag, shake flax meal, almond flour and spices until well combined.
  4. Pour melted coconut oil into shallow dish.
  5. Dip fish strip into coconut oil then place into ziploc back.
  6. Repeat with 4 more fish strips.
  7. Shake bag until strips are well coated.
  8. Transfer coated fish sticks onto lightly greased baking sheet.
  9. Repeat process with remaining fish strips.
  10. Discard extra coconut oil.
  11. Bake fish sticks for 25 minutes. 

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