Who Says You Can't Have a Bun?

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I think that most of us can appreciate a good burger every now and then. Today I was in the mood for just that, so I created a recipe for Mini Sliders with Mushroom Relish. Of course, you’re probably all thinking that there’d be no bun included with a burger while trying to eat healthy, right? WRONG!! 

No, this isn’t the traditional hamburger bun, but rather a “bun” made from roasted baby bella mushroom caps. Mushrooms make an excellent bun replacement! They’re the right shape, the right thickness, and they hold up very nicely so they’re not too messy. I chose to go the route of mini sliders merely due to the fact the we only had baby bella musrooms in the house, but this could easily be adapted to a full-sized burger using regular sized portabella mushroom caps for the bun. 

I came up with the idea for a mushroom relish of sorts as a side/topping for the sliders because I wanted to be sure to get a full 8 oz serving of mushrooms into the recipe. This could actually be really yummy to have as a topping or side dish with fish, chicken, or steak as well because the thyme made it a very reminiscent taste to that of stuffing and the texture of the mushrooms was light and fluffy like a stuffing as well…keep an eye out because that recipe may just have to be showing up sooner than later!

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