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Hot Soup on a Cold Day

I'm not sure where you all are tuning in from today to read this, but here in Central PA it is coooooooooold! We're talking a brisk and chilly 18 degrees (and believe it or not, that's actually warmer than what it has been this entire past week). So, since we've been chilled to the bone lately, I figured it was time for some soup to warm us up! 

I had a bunch of cabbage in the fridge that was going to be going bad soon, so that is how the recipe for this Chicken Cabbage Soup came to be created. 

My recipe ended up making a heck of a lot of soup, so I decided to be a nice co-worker and bring some soup to work for everyone for lunch. I am very happy to report that everyone thought it was delicious and quite filling...woot woot! I think we'll count this one as a success. 

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