Sea Moss Gummies

sea moss gummies
Discover the secret of making delicious sea moss gummies at home. These apple-flavored gummies are made with organic apple/cinnamon sea moss gel and have no additives or preservatives.

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Sea Moss gummies are a healthy fun snack that your kids will absolutely love. Adults also love them since they are great for a keto detox and increasing thyroid function. Plus they are delicious so what’s not to love? Sea moss personal care. Glass cork bottle with transparent serum and sea moss on white background

Sea Moss Helps Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

Sea moss supplements are rich in iodine and other vitamins and minerals. If taken as supplements adults and kids alike will notice higher levels of energy while eating a delicious treat. The human body craves vitamins and minerals. If you are looking for a natural source of citric acid, and iodine then a daily dose of seamoss gummies is perfect for you. Organic sea moss gummies also help boost immunity and they taste great. Here is a list of other health benefits that sea moss gummies provide. We had a little help with the list from Clevland health clinic.

It’s good for the heart.

Young smiling lovely multiracial woman showing shape heart with hands and looking through it Seaweed has a lot of good things for you. It has more fiber than most vegetables, which is a good thing because fiber is good for the body in a lot of ways. It can help you control your blood sugar, lower your cholesterol, and lower your risk of getting long-term diseases like diabetes and heart disease. “Studies show that sea moss may help lower bad cholesterol,” says Czerwony. Bad cholesterol is one of the things that can lead to heart disease. It has also been shown to help lower blood pressure, which is an important part of keeping your heart healthy.

It might help people lose weight.

Close up of woman feel happy after lose weight for health in house. Remember that seaweed has a lot of fiber? High-fiber foods make you feel full, which may help you not eat too much. “Fiber makes us feel full longer, which may help us keep our weight in check,” says Czerwony.

It has a lot of iodine.

Iodine is important for a healthy thyroid, but your body doesn’t make it, so you have to get it from your food. (However, most people get enough iodine from milk, fish, and iodized salt.)

It helps keep the gut healthy

Unhappy middle aged lady touching belly, suffering from abdomen ache, symptoms. Your gut is full of bacteria, some of which are good and some of which are bad. And since gut health is linked to overall health, keeping these bacteria in balance is an important part of being healthy. Sea moss is a type of algae that has a lot of fiber and live bacteria. Czerwony says, “It can help replenish the good bacteria in our gut.”

Gut Health and Digestive Health

Sea moss has the ability to support the immune system due to the prebiotic effects it has on the microbiome of the stomach and digestive support.

It might help you stay healthy.

One study found that Atlantic salmon that ate sea moss had a stronger immune system than Atlantic salmon that didn’t eat sea moss. Fish and people have very different bodies, and no studies have shown that the same thing happens to people. Still, a healthy immune system is linked to having a healthy gut. And sea moss has a lot of iron and antioxidants, both of which help keep the immune system healthy. It can help you build muscle and get better after a workout. Sea moss has a lot of taurine, an amino acid that helps build muscle. “When we work out, we cause tiny tears in our muscles,” says Czerwony. “But amino acids can help our muscles heal.” Also, every 100 grams of sea moss has about 6 grams of protein, which is a key part of any workout. Just don’t count on sea moss alone to help you recover from exercise. You still need to make sure you eat well, drink enough water, get enough rest, etc.

Healthy Immune Support

Your immune system is actually a very important part of a healthy lifestyle. Sea moss gummies help with immune support due to the highest available amount of vitamins and minerals found in sea moss. A stronger immune system is great for good health… mind, and body.

Healthy skin (or at least healthier skin)

Portrait of a beautiful young woman applying moisturizer to her skin in the bathroom at home Sea moss can help your body make collagen and keratin, which are both good for your skin. This makes your skin stronger and gives it the elasticity it needs to stay smooth and healthy looking. Also, research has shown that the omega-3 fatty acids in sea moss can make up for what our diets lack.

Hair Growth

Sea moss has a lot of vitamin A, which helps your body make more sebum. It also has a lot of vitamin E, which helps hair grow and fights oxidative stress, which is one of the main reasons people lose their hair.

Joints Support

Sea moss contains fish oils and fatty acids that help alleviate swelling of the joints and help improve flexibility. Sea moss can help increase the body’s mobility and athletes often benefit from sea moss consumption because of this increased mobility and flexibility. Those with arthritis and stiff joints can reap the rewards of sea moss as well.

Thyroid Support

According to Medical News Today, iodine-rich foods may help keep the thyroid healthy. For the thyroid to make and use important hormones in the body, it needs this mineral. Without enough iodine, the thyroid might not work right, which could lead to problems with metabolism. Sea moss and other types of sea algae are natural sources of iodine and may help prevent iodine deficiency.

Organic Sea Moss Gel

organic sea moss gel Organic Sea Moss Gel is manufactured from Irish moss seaweed, which is harvested in a responsible manner. In addition to being rich in vitamins and minerals, it is also an excellent source of antioxidants. The gel has been used in a variety of foods, including smoothie mixes, soups, and nutritional supplements. Now the most popular use for organic sea moss gel is organic sea moss gummies. If you are going to buy sea moss gel, look for a gel that contains no animal product ingredients and is non-GMO.

Natural Irish Sea Moss

Irish Sea Moss contains essential vitamins along with iodine and amino acids that promote heart, gut, and thyroid and strong immunity. Irish sea moss gummies are a fun and healthy way to get these essential nutrients into your body.

Why Sea Moss Gummies?

Eating sea moss is likely not a thing that is going to catch on right? But when you can take your sea moss supplements as a chewy fruity snack, gut health, healthy skin, and thyroid support just got more fun.

Organic Sea Moss Gummies

Organic sea moss gummies are definitely the way to go. We would even go a step further and say that sea moss gummies made with agar powder instead of gelatin should be the preferred supplement if you buy them. So be sure to read labels and check for all-natural Irish sea moss, agar powder, and no artificial flavors.

Organic Burdock Root and Bladderwrack

Bladderwrack has been shown to be effective in treating inflammatory conditions, viral infections, tumors, blood clots, angiogenesis, and arthritis. Burdock Root is rich in potent antioxidants, contributes to the removal of toxins from the blood, has been utilized in the treatment of a variety of infections, and assists in the reduction of inflammation.

21 Best Sea Moss Gummies of 2022

List making desktop theme Gummies made from sea moss are a trendy new approach to reap the supplement’s health advantages. It has been said that sea moss, a seaweed, can aid digestion, enhance skin health, and fortify hair and nails. Despite the fact that sea moss can be consumed in its raw form, many individuals choose to take it in the form of gummies. But if you buy supplements, which ones do you choose? Twenty-one of the finest sea moss gummies and similar goods are included here.

Kids Love Sea Moss Gummies

Mom teaches her daughter and son to prepare a Salad of fresh vegetables. Healthy natural food kids will hate that the daily dose is only two gummies because they taste great. If they are made with organic ingredients and premium quality sea moss gel, then the health benefits will be even better for your kids.

Sea Moss Gummies: A Sweet Solution to Health Supplements

Eating healthy is not always easy. But with sea moss gummies and sea moss gel it it surely easier. There is are so many flavors to try. In our recipe below we have chosen to use apple and cinnamon, but there are six different flavors of sea moss gel here that you can experiment with.

How to Take Sea Moss Gummies?

Take two chewable gummies every day to keep your diet and lifestyle healthy as a whole. Take the sea moss gummies in the morning, if possible.

What Vitamins and Minerals are in Sea Moss?

Sea moss has 92 of the 110 essential nutrients and minerals the body is made from and it literally is a powerhouse superfood. Sea moss contains beta-carotene, vitamin B, vitamin C, and sulfur as well as minerals like magnesium, manganese, calcium, phosphorus, and zinc. All these contribute to healthy cell functioning in the body.

Where do sea moss supplements come from?

In addition to its other names, sea moss is sometimes referred to as Irish sea moss or red seaweed. It is a type of seaweed that can be found growing in tidepools and inlets throughout the entire year. Irish sea moss, also known as Chondrus crispus, is actually a type of algae, also known as seaweed, despite its misleading common name. On the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean in Britain, Europe, and North America grows a seaweed that is bright red and has branching structures.

Sea Moss Gummies Recipe

Our Homemade Sea Moss Gummies contain no artificial flavors and are made with organic sea moss gel. We hope you like how they turn out. If you do please leave a comment below and let us know how yours turned out.
sea moss gummies

Sea Moss Gummies (Apple/Cinnamon)

Inside Kellys Kitchen
Discover the secret of making delicious sea moss gummies at home. These apple-flavored gummies are made with organic apple cinnamon sea moss gel and have no additives or preservatives. Sea Moss gummies are a healthy fun snack that your kids will absolutely love.
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Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 20 mins
Course Dessert, Side Dish
Cuisine American
Servings 1 Large Batch

Calories Per Serving

Serving: 2 gummiesCalories: 5kcal



  • Combine water, apple juice, and cinnamon together in saucepan and bring to a boil.
  • Remove saucepan from heat.
  • Mix in the agar powder and whisk until fully dissolved.
  • Stir in the sea moss gel until smooth.
  • Pour mixture into silicon molds of your choosing.
  • Chill in refrigerator for at least 1 hour before serving.
  • Empty onto countertop or in a bowl.


Try out different flavors of sea moss gel for a completely different taste. 
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